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Work is Love made visible - (Khalil Gibran)



Way back in 1990s, doctor couple Ashwin & Harsha Shah and their like-minded friends, who were professionals in various fields, were concerned for the poor villagers. For two to three years they would contemplate about the conditions of the poor people in surrounding villages and what should be done to help them. These young professionals were inspired by the lives of social workers and reformers like Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, Karl Marx, Babalbhai Mehta and Dr. Navneet Fojdar. They founded Gram Seva Trust- an Organisation to work to uplift the poor and the deprived people in rural areas.

Drs. Ashwin and Harsha Shah joined Sewa Rural, a well known NGO at Jhagadia, Gujarat, for 2 years, to get experience of social work and organizational management. In 1994, they moved permanently to Kharel, to start a small hospital of 30 beds with staff of three.

Kharel was selected as the base area as it was semi developed rural, tribal area situated on border of Gandevi, Chikhli and Mahuva blocks of south Gujarat. Interior, forest, tribal areas of Vansda & Dang were also easily accessible.

Over the years it has developed in a 100 bed hospital with beautiful campus with staff quarters. As the need arose the trust also started various Community health and rural development projects in surrounding villages. Also satellite centres were started in forest areas of Dang to serve the interior, remote villages.

Mile Stones

Keeping in view the vision and mission of the organization, different activities in medical services, health and rural development were started.

Hospital Services were Started.
Child Health and Nutrition Project.
Ma Devi Annapurna Bhojnalay.
Health Awareness Project.
Adolescent Health Education Project
Women’s Empowerment Project.
Satellite Centre Project.
Shri Sukhabhai Govindbhai Patel Eye Department.
Parodh- Child Education and Development Centre (rented house).
Toilet Project (Phase 1).
Geriatric Project.
Toilet Project (Phase 2).
Dialysis Centre.
New OPD wing.
Parodh- Child Education and Development Center (New Campus)

Board of Trustees

Name Position Education & Qualification Occupation Address Remuneration
Year 2017-18
Dr.Ashwin Shah
Dr. Ashwin Shah
Foundar Trustee
Managing Trustee
MBBS., M.D. Community Medicine Medical Doctor
General Physician & Public Health
Gram Seva Trust, N.H.No. 48, Kharel - 396 430. Ta. Gandevi, Dist. Navsari Honorary
Dr.Ashwin Shah
Mr. Nalinbhai J. Desai
Foundar Trustee
Hon. Secretary
B.A. Retired Bank Manager 401-402, Building No.7/E-2, Green City Township, Pal-Bhatha Road, Bhatha, Surat Honorary
Dr.Ashwin Shah
Dr. Harsha Shah
Foundar Trustee
MBBS., D.G.O. Medical Doctor
Gram Seva Trust, N.H.No. 48, Kharel - 396 430. Ta. Gandevi, Dist. Navsari. Honorary
Dr.Ashwin Shah
Mr. Dipakbhai A. Vashi
Foundar Trustee
B.Com. Farmer Ramanwad, At. & Po. Dhamdachha 396 310, Ta. Gandevi, Dist. Navsari. Honorary
Dr.Ashwin Shah
Mr. Dinubhai R. Patel
Trustee B.A. (Economics) Retired Bank Employee & Farmer Khaparia 396 430, Ta. Gandevi, Dist. Navsari. Honorary
Dr.Ashwin Shah
Dr. Khushroo Patel
Trustee MBBS., M.S. (Cardiothoracic Surgery)(USA) Medical Doctor
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Hospital Campus, Gram Seva Trust, N.H.No. 48, Kharel - 396 430. Ta. Gandevi, Dist. Navsari. Honorary
Dr.Ashwin Shah
Dr. Sharmishtha Patil
Trustee MBBS., D.P.H. Medical Doctor
Public Health
Block-A, Room No. 2, Hospital Campus, Gram Seva Trust, N.H.No. 48, Kharel - 396 430. Ta. Gandevi, Dist. Navsari Salaried
Dr.Ashwin Shah
Dr. Kanchan Dhadwe
Trustee M.D. (O & G) Medical Doctor
Hospital Campus, Gram Seva Trust, N.H.No. 48, Kharel - 396 430. Ta. Gandevi, Dist. Navsari Salaried

Past Trustees

The following trustees have rendered their voluntary services in the development of the organization

Trustee Name Address Service Period
Mr. Nalinbhai T. Desai Dhamdachha/USA 1994 to 2017
Mr. Moghabhai L. Naik Pipaldhara 1994 to 2017
Dr. Anilbhai C. Desai Sewa Rural, Zaghadia 1994 to 2017
Dr. Hareshbhai I. Shah Ankleshwar 1994 to 2005
Dr. Ushaben R. Desai Navsari/Ahmedabad 1994 to 2008
Late Dr. Roda K. Patel USA 2003 to 2011
Late Shri Chhaganbhai P. Naik Gandeva/Surat 2003 to 2016
Dr. Ratna Magotra Mumbai 2008 to 2017

Salient features of the Organization

Our Supporters

(1) Gram Seva Foundation, Chicago (USA)

Gram Seva Foundation, Chicago (USA) is one of our major supporters in all our activities especially for women and children. It was founded by Dr.Roda Patel, her family and friends in 2004.

Dr. Roda Patel – A dedicated paediatrician from Chicago, joined Gram Seva Trust in 1995. She initiated the Child health & Nutrition project, Adolescent Project, Women’s Health Project and Parodh Balawas that are implemented by Gram Seva Trust. For 16 years she rendered voluntary services to implement & develop these projects in Kharel and surrounding villages with the team of Gram Seva Trust.


Gram Seva Foundation

2030, Post Road, North Brook, IL - 60062 - 6204, USA.

Dr. Khushroo Patel - Tel.: +1 847-8097719.  E-Mail:

Mr. Dinesh Shah - Tel.: +1 708-372-1748.  E-Mail:

(2) Unified Healthcare for Rural Underserved ( UHRU, U.S.A.)

Website :

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Our activities are in perennial need of monetary donations and donations in kind.

Donations in INDIA and USA are exempted under 80G and 501C respectively

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