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Love, Warmth and Motivation helps a Young Teenage Mother in Child care

Anita was a 16 year old girl with a small baby. The baby was preterm and not gaining any weight. Field workers and PHC health staff frequently visited Anita but she was tired of listening to their complaints about the babys low weight, hence she just sat quiet and did not respond to them. Seeing the condition of the baby Gram Seva community workers requested her to at least come once for check-up at Kharel hospital. She agreed and came to the hospital for check-up. This time instead of saying that she is not feeding her child, the doctors first asked her what she was feeding the baby. She was praised for looking after the baby and starting weaning foods. This boosted her morale and she was happy. She was now ready to accept some suggestions for additional care of the baby. She was advised to feed her baby frequently and increase the amount slightly. No further suggestions were given on this first visit. This increased her confidence and she started bringing the baby for check up every month at Kharel. Over the next visits she was praised every time for her efforts and given advice about feeding the child. The child has gained 4kgs of weight in one and half years and is developing well.

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