Appeal :           As you all may be aware that Gram Seva has started 16 bed Covid-Hospital to serve poor & tribal community at very affordable cost or many times at free. This service is in perennial need of monetary donations or donation in kind. You all are requested to contribute in Gram Seva’s “Covid-Relief-Fund” to keep this service continue.           Kindly contact us on +91 2634 246248, +91 2634 246362 or

Hygiene, Health and Self reliance through Sangee Sanitary Napkins

Veenaben a resident of Tankal village used to buy the commercial sanitary napkins available in the shops. But she suffered from itching and rashes after their use and had to spend nearly `150 every month for the napkins and treatment of the rashes there after. When she attended a womens meeting in the village she heard about the Sangee sanitary napkins which were made without any chemicals and yet had good absorption capacity. She used the napkins and since the first month of her use her rash and itching problem disappeared. And that too at less expense than the sanitary napkins that she usually bought. Now she is not only using Sangee napkins regularly but has become a depot holder for her village and earns commission by selling the napkins.

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