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Services to remote areas

Sahil was a 9 year old child from Chikarpada village in Maharashtra but on the borders of Gujarat. He had deformity in both legs since birth due to which he could not walk. But Sahil was interested in studying and hence his parents carried him to school, everyday. Sahils parents were poor labourers and hence could not afford expensive treatments in private hospitals. They took him to government hospitals at block and district level but he did not receive any treatment. One day Gram Seva team, which was advertising about the free annual general medical camp in the border villages of Gujarat and Maharashtra, reached Sahils village. When his school teacher heard about the camp he brought the child to the team and asked if Sahil would get any treatment. They advised to bring Sahil to the camp where he can be examined by Orthopedic surgeon and if no treatment was available he would be given a light weight tricycle so that he had some mobility. Sahil was brought to the camp and later admitted at Kharel hospital for surgeries. He underwent surgeries and physiotherapy. No charges were taken from his parents. After about a month of hospitalization Saahil was discharged. Today a happy Saahil walks to school and studying regularly.

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