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It is important for a person to remain healthy and sound
because a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. - (Rigved)

Community Health Projects

Health of the villages cannot be improved with health services alone. Other factors affecting health of the people like health awareness, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, misconceptions, blind faith, illiteracy etc. needed to be addressed. To address these issues Community Health and Rural Development Department was started to implement various health projects in the surrounding villages.

Mother and Child Health and Nutrition Project

The project was started in 1997 to decrease malnutrition in children and improve their health. A total of 101 Anganwadis are under this project with services to about 3000 children every year. Till date 12761 children have been treated for malnutrition in this project.


  • Regular check-ups of 0-6 year old children
  • Monitor Growth
  • Management of Illness
  • Provision of High Calorie High Protein powder
  • Supplement with vitamins, iron, calcium and other minerals
  • Referral Services
  • Home visits and family Counseling
  • Nutrition Demonstrations
  • Monthly training to Anganwadi workers
  • Community Health Education sessions
  • Free antenatal services to pregnant women
  • Follow up and counseling of all pregnant women in villages
  • Promote safe institutional deliveries
Institutional Deliveries

Adolescent Health Education Project

Gram Seva organizes meetings of adolescent girls and boys in villages and schools to impart life skills education to them. Community health workers screen them for anaemia, malnutrition and other illness and refer them to the hospital

Geriatric Health Project

A rise in cases of Paralysis in the Hospital was noted in recent years. Problems like cataract affect nearly 50% of the elderly in the villages. The elderly are not only affected by non communicable diseases but are also physically and economically dependent and neglected by children leading to lack of medical care. The geriatric project was started in 2010 to reach out to the elderly in the surrounding villages, find the health problems in them and help them to manage them. The project is implemented in 16 villages and about 2000 elderly have been medically screened by house to house survey.

Health Education

When the organization was started in 1994 there was lack of health awareness in the community which accentuated the health problems. To increase the health awareness in community different health education sessions are conducted in the villages, in the hospital wards, in camps and clinics and educational institutes. Audio visual aids and posters and videos in local dialect on various subjects like TB, snake bite, diarrhoea, antenatal care, nutrition, addictions, sickle cell anaemia, etc. Every year nearly 200 to 300 such sessions are conducted in hospital and community.

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Our activities are in perennial need of monetary donations and donations in kind.

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